StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape 5M Uncut Roll


  • Quick Provide Support & Stability without limiting range of motion
  • Stays on in Water
  • Sticks for up to 7 days
  • STRENGTHTAPE® can assist to:
  • Relieve Pain
  • Increase Circulation and Lymphatic Flow
  • Prevent Injury
  • Recover Faster
  • Reduce Inflammation



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StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape 5M Uncut Roll

STRENGTHTAPE® is the preferred brand of Kinesiology Tape in the Medical Market and is widely used by professionals worldwide because of its long-lasting durability and effectiveness on common injuries.

Our exclusive All-Sport™ Adhesive helps StrengthTape® stick for up to 7 days through water, sweat, or most conditions to support injured muscles and tissues while still allowing full range-of-motion.

STRENGTHTAPE® is made of a breathable cotton and quick drying Spandex specialized weave that provides a stretch identical to human skin, making it the most comfortable tape on the market.

STRENGTHTAPE®5M Rolls are 2” wide and 16.5 feet long, enough tape for 10-12 average applications. To get the best size, our tape can be cut into the perfect length. Check out our application videos on our website.

  • Apply 30 minutes prior to activity.
  • Clean any dirt, oils and lotions from area.
  • Trim excess hair for better adhesion.
  • Apply the right amount of stretch per application.
  • Avoid stretching the ends of the tape.
  • After applying, firmly rub the tape to activate the adhesive.
  • Edges & corners may be trimmed if they lift.
  • Do NOT rip off! Gently remove tape from skin.


  • Durable
  • Long Lasting
  • All-Sport™ Premium Adhesive
  • Will stick for up to 7 days in any environment including Water, Sweat, and even High Humidity.
  • Perfect Combination of Stretch, Breathability & Adhesion
  • Easy to Apply with Step-by-Step Videos



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