STIMSIX is a device studied for the medical treatment and physiotherapy of normoinnervated and/or denervated
muscular tissues, of painful or circulatory syndromes, and for the treatment of hypotonic or hypotrophic muscular
states through passive gymnastics. STIMSIX, made with the most advanced electronic technologies, is available in two 2-channel versions.

Accessories supplied

  • 4 conductive rubber electrodes 80x120mm;
  • 4 45x60mm conductive rubber electrodes;
  • 2 Velcro band 8x40cm;
  • 2 Velcro band 8x60cm;
  • 1 Velcro band 8x100cm;
  • 1 Connection cable 1-2
  • 1 2mt power cable
  • 1 User manual

Technical features

  • Maximum continuous current 30mA;
  • Maximum impulse current 70mA;
  • Maximum output voltage 100 Vdc;
  • Power supply 90-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz;
  • Maximum absorbed power: 60 VA;
  • 2 Channels

Brochure Stimsix 2


Sixtus Italia


Sixtus Italia is a leader in the Italian market.

Founded in 1974, Sixtus Italia is an Italian market leader in the direct distribution of health and physical well-being products to sports clubs and medical/physiotherapy institutes. Today operates in the Italian market with a focus on the direct distribution of products and equipment to sports clubsretail outletsmedical institutions and physiotherapy centres, designed to ensure the physical well-being of all athletes. Steady growth throughout Italy eventually allowed Sixtus Italia to expand its horizons beyond the national borders. In 2005, after more than 30 years in business, the company expanded its products sales network into foreign markets, where an increasing number of professional clubs covering a wide range of disciplines have chosen to partner with the Tuscan company. Over the years Sixtus Italia achieved increasingly ambitious goals and continued to grow and today, the company is a leader in the Italian market.
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