Athletic Sports Tape 38mm x 13.7m

Ideal for athletes who are not heavyweight performers and seek to maintain agility. Athletic tape gives excellent joint support without adversely affecting, and placing compensatory stress, on other joints adversely effecting bio-mechanical alignment leading to other injuries.

Joint strapping

Designed to wrap around small joints such as the wrist and fingers to provide support either preemptively or to help minor sprains

Light weight

A light weight design makes AST hand tearable and perfect for supporting without over straining small joints, ideal in non-contact sports

Wide demographics

Complimentary to the demographics supported by rigid AST is used by a younger age bracket and for non contact sports such as football

4,95 (incl. VAT 19%)

Athletic Sports Tape is a very strong, easy tearable, no sticky residue tape for any active individual | Athlete & Medical Trainers. It is also very reliable, ensuring minimal irritation and least amount of rubbing.



Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow


d3 Tape

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