Handy Gym is a revolutionary flywheel device designed for professional training. It is small and lightweight, so you can keep performing your exercises whenever you want and wherever you want. Its inertial technology allows an efficient eccentric training, recomended for elite athletes, physiotherapist and personal trainers, in all muscle groups leading into better and higher quality results without lifting weights.

How does it work?

Handy Gym works through two inertial discs which are capable of converting their turn in strength of resistance.

The secret is that the cone of this machine and the special epicyclic gear multiply 13,5 times the speed of the axis and reduce the disc mass 182,25 times and in consequence the weight of all the machine.

In terms of training and/or recovery efficiency the inertial technology is the top option thanks to its capability to offer an incredible concentric training, but also a very important eccentric training.

With Handy Gym, you can experience a full body workout through hundreds of different exercises! can be used with additional accessories.


Base machine WITH ELECTRONICS,  Handgrip, Yellow discs, Blue discs, Red discs, Double pulley, Door anchor, Loop strap, x2 Multipurpose handle, Ankle strap, x2 Wall mounting plate, Rack mounting plate, Belt, Platform, Sack, Backpack.

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