Highly technical!


Swop Physio

The most revolutionary table ever seen!

The new generation of tables by Naggura fully conceived to make you feel happy.


Like a chameleon

Our latest creation: an ergonomic and customisable table, adjustable to multiple positions. Especially conceived for physiotherapy. 'Cause a professional table doesn’t have to be boring! Swop Physio offers you 4 different tables. Discover which is the one that best suits your working needs.



'Cause you never get up in the same mood! Swap the front panels and you'lll get a brand-new table in a matter of seconds. It’s time to bring colour and light to your consulting room. A professional table doesn't have to be boring!


Space Ball perimeter foot switch

It sounds like fiction, doesn’t it? But it’s real! New foot switch system which provides hands-free, all-round height operation.


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