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Physiotherapy products, Fitness Equipment, Sports Medicine, Footcare products, Healthcare products, for all needs with a fast, efficient and friendly service.

What we do.

We are proud distributors of some amazing healthcare products with years of experience working with professional physiotherapists and fitness trainers in elite sport.
We are providing quality brands at competitive prices.

We provide a wide choice of Physiotherapy products, Electromedical devices, Sports Medicine, Footcare products, Healthcare products, for all your needs with a fast, efficient and friendly service.


Technologies designed for injury recovery.


Pain relieving gel, Cold packs, instant ice pack and sprays.


Tapes and bandages used for everyday support.


Muscle rubs collection. Warm up, recover, sport lube by d3 brand.


The world's smallest gym.

Handy Gym is a revolutionary flywheel device designed for professional training. It is small and lightweight, so you can keep performing your exercises whenever you want and wherever you want. Its inertial technology allows an efficient eccentric training, recomended for elite athletes, physiotherapist and personal trainers, in all muscle groups leading into better and higher quality results without lifting weights.

Cryo Compression System


The all in one cooling, compression, and portability makes Aquilo the only recovery device you will ever need again.

The Aquilo system was designed to help you with peak performance by allowing you to train harder.
Reduce recovery time with Aquilo’s full lower body cold therapy in one 15-20 minute session.

Are you a Physiotherapist?

Or a health professional? Ask for a bulk quote of products.

We supply and deliver all over Cyprus to physio specialists,doctors, pharmacies a wide range of products. International best selling brands that top performing athletes use.

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